V3-FX in Moenia

V3-FX in Moenia

V3-FX, a friendly droid, is the starting trainer for Vortex Squadron in Moenia, Naboo. He never has a bad thing to say about you and probably the nicest trainer in the game.

/way naboo 4764 -4794 V3-FX

Mission 1: Naboo System, Patrol Nabooian Frontier


  • 100 credits
  • 27 Rebel Faction Points

Objective 1: Patrol the Nabooian Frontier

Simply fly to the patrol waypoint listed, as you pass one, another updates. When you reach the 3rd waypoint, you advance to objective 2.

Objective 2: Eliminate Enemy Patrol

Nothing tough here, Eliminate the advancing Tie Fighters. Consists of 3 Tier 1 Tie Fighters.

Upon completion return to V3-FX to start next mission.

Mission 2: Naboo System, Hunt the TIE Fighters


  • 200 Credits
  • 55 Rebel Faction Points

Objective 1: TIE Fighters

As you launch into the Naboo System, you are given the task of finding and eliminating 4 tie fighters of your choice. In addition, 5 random waypoints are uploaded to your flight com showing possible target locations. Return to V3-FX when you kill 4.

Mission 3: Naboo System: Find New Supply Route


Escorting the transport


Objective 1: Find New Supply Route for the Alliance

When you launch into Naboo space, you are given a waypoint, fly to it, then a new one appears, keep flying to the patrol waypoints they list until Objective 2 updates automatically.

Objective 2: Protect Alliance Refugee Transport

First, fly to the waypoint where you are to wait for the transport to hyper in, then escort it. Follow it for a few and it should complete.

You will get attacked by 3 Tier 1 TIE Fighters.

Mission 4: Naboo System: Hunt down the Imperial Veteran


Objective 1: Hunt Down the Imperial Veteran

When you launch into Naboo space, you are given a waypoint to the Imperial Veteran. He is a tier 2 tie fighter, his wing-men are 2 tier 1 tie fighters. Dispatch them to complete the mission.

Tier 1 XP Grind

Now that the 4 missions are complete, you should be able to train in one box. Talk to V3-FX and he will train you if you have 7500 space xp, if you do not, he will give you duty missions to take until you have enough xp to train.

Find a nice grind spot, or take duty missions to train your next 4 boxes of tier 1. They are each 7500 xp each.

  • Box 1 - free when you start rebel pilot
  • Box 2 - 7500xp, Basic Starfighter Continuation (Y-wing Cert)
  • Box 3 - 7500xp, Equipment A:Basic Alliance Starship (+65 missile launch, Level 2 and level 3 equip certs)
  • Box 4 - 7500xp, Starfighter Survival Tactics (+20 Pilot Special Tactics, IFF Scramble, Jump Start LVL 1)
  • Box 5 - 7500xp, Droid Interface Basics (Level 2 Astromech Rating, Tier 1 Rebel Droid Commands)

He then sends you to speak to Brother Vrovel.