This quest is specifically created for the SWG Legends server only and can not be found elsewhere.

Quest Info

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The quest begins at Jahdav Liram, currently situated at a camp east of Kor Vella ( camp located at /way 39 3299 ). Jahdav will ask what you're doing, and after some brief dialogue he will ask your help in procuring some food. He says he's been tracking some beasts to the west, tell him you will assist. If you head roughly 200m west you will be attacked by 3 Falumpasets. If you do not encounter them, look around /way -154 3316. Kill each of them, then return to Jahdav to complete this phase.

The Kor Vellans in Need

The Confused Teenager


The Confused Teen

After giving Jahdav the meat from the previous mission, he will ask if you can help some civilians in trouble located in Kor Vella. Agree to help, the first citizen he'll send you to is "a Confused Teenager" (located at /way -3345 3392). The teen feels pressured into joining a gang, but is having second thoughts. You need to steer him in another path. Let him know that you have a common friend in Jahdav Liram, suggest that he explore the galaxy, and nominate Kashyyyk as a place to visit. The youth will happily agree, updating the quest. Jahdav Liram will contact you with another civilian to assist.

Husband in Distress


Husband in Distress

The next civilian Jahdav sends you to is "a Husband in Distress" (located at /way -3408 3012). The husband apparently upset his wife in a most unusual way, he offered her a glass of water. You can try suggesting various amusing reasons why this may upset her, however the husband is already convinced he has the answer to soothe his upset bride. He requests for you to fetch some flowers located at a bench overlooking a bridge. This was a location she was fond of when they were dating. The flowers and bench can be found at: /way -3414 3293. Click on the flowers, then return to the husband to update your quest.

The Forgetful Woman


Forgetful Woman

Following the quest for the husband, Jahdav will contact you and request you assist one more civilian in Kor Vella. He asks you to check in with "a Forgetful Woman" on the other side of the city (located at /way -3056 2788). Speak to her, and she'll ask you to find her BAG. She suggests that she may have left it in the Cantina, so go checkout Kor Vella's Cantina ( located at /way -3464 3040). When you get to the Cantina, search around for a bit, but after several seconds the quest will update again with the woman contacting you. Now she thinks she may have left her BAG at the University. The BAG will be found in the University (located at /way -3673 3063) behind a bar in a side room. Return the item to the grateful woman.

Return to Jahdav Liram at the camp to receive 142005 xp (At level 90) and the next quest.

The Frenzied Gurrcats

Find the Pack 


You may need more experience

After returning to Jahdav, he will let you know that he's finally willing to explain why he's camped out in the middle of nowhere. A pack of frenzied gurrcats have been slaying Kor Vellan people that have ventured into the hills, never to return. He's currently tracking the pack and asks for your assistance in bringing them down. Head to /way -20 3001 and you'll be attacked by several tusk-cats which may be rather tough as a pack. Once you're able to pacify the threat, head back to Jahdav to be rewarded with another 142005 xp (Level 90) and a Concentrated Bacta Tank.



If you speak to Jahdav again, he may tell you that he has nothing more for you at this time, and asks that you get some more experience and hunt some bigger game before you can proceed. If that's the case, you may need a special Badge to be able to obtain the next quest (The normal Gorax on Endor appears to get you access to the next quest, there may be other Slayer badges on the first tab of Collections that will work). Once you're more experienced, talk with Jahdav again and he'll give you the next quest.

Next Quest: The Gorax Matriarch