Brother Extok Evin

Brother Extok Evin

Located in the Dearic theater on Talus, Brother Extok Evin is the trainer and mission giver for Tier 4 Alliance Starfighter Pilots of the Vortex Squadron.

/way talus 516 -3076 Brother Extok Evin

Before you take your first mission from Brother Extok Evin, he gives you training in Hyper-Maneuverable Starfighters. But, to receive this training, you must have at least 1,000,000 Starship Combat XP.

After the initial Hyper-Maneuverable Starfighters training, to be able to train in each lesson requires taking a mission and having 1,000,000 Starship Combat XP.

Mission 1, Endor system


Part 1: Prevent Imperial fleet from destroying personnel shuttles
This part of the mission is very dangerous. You must defend an area of space that already is filled with Tier 5 ships while 6 Tier 4 Imperial ships spawn two to three times in very quick succession (up to 18 Imperial ships). This part is very hard. Defending an area already occupied by tier 5 hard to hit NPC's. After completing this part hit the IFF Transponder Scramble command to confuse all enemies on your tail and boost to next given waypoint.

Part 2: Eliminate the escaping Inquisitor
Simply fly as fast as you can to the waypoint and focus on the Inquisitor flying a Tier 4 Tie Advanced. Once he is dead, the mission is complete. Make use of the IFF Transponder Scramble command when you feel totally overrun and running low on shields and capacitor energy. This will give you some breathing time.

Mission 2, Yavin System


Part 1: Terminate Master Inquisitor Uvqolo
Travel to the Yavin System, and head to the waypoint given to find the Inquisitor. He is a tier 5 aggressor, which hits hard, target his weapon1 component, then destroy him and his escort.(4 Tier4 TIE Fighters and 2 Tier4 TIE Advanced). Thin out his escort first, then go for the Inquisitor and the remaining escort.

Part 2: Attack one of the Empire's new experimental TIE ships
You must protect a wing of allied X-Wings (4 Tier4) from 10 Tier4 TIE Fighters and 1 Tier4 TIE Oppressor. Destroy them all to complete mission.

Mission 3, Dathomir System

  • Qualdex Halcyon Starfighter Booster
  • 10,000 Credits
  • 150 Rebel Faction Points
  • Training in Special Weapons and Tactics prior to mission.

Part 1: Save a Vortex Operative
Hyper to the Dathomir System, and head to the waypoint given. Meet up with a tier 4 Tie fighter "Vortex Spy", dock with and transfer material. When finished docking, escort the tie fighter to safety. Along way, i was attacked by 1 tier 4 tie fighter.

Part 2: Stop the Inquisitor from following the Vortex Spy
Destroy the Inquisitor and his escort. Inquisitor is a tier 4 VT-49 Decimator, escort is tier 4 tie advanced (2) and tie interceptors (4). Destroy them all to complete mission.

Mission 4, Dathomir System

  • Incom "Tri-Cannon"
  • 10,000 Credits
  • 165 Rebel Faction Points
  • Training in Droid Intelligence Theory prior to mission.

Part 1: Attack the Inquisition's Base of Operations
Hyper into Dathomir Space, and head to given waypoint. You will see some allies ready to assist. You must keep them all alive to advance quest. You are faced with 1 tier 4 Imperial Decimator, 1 tier 4 aggressors, 2 tier 4 imperial guard fighters, and around 4 tier 4 imperial tie fighters.

Part 2: Assist Ambushed Bomber Squadron
Head to the coordinates and prepare for a tough battle. Mine had a natural spawn of imperial gunboats, which made things even harder. The sortie consisted of 3 tier 4 tie fighters, 3 tier 4 TIE Interceptors, 1 tier 4 TIE Aggressor and 1 tier 4 TIE Advanced. Defeat them all and keep your allies alive to complete.

After you complete these, head to Doaba Guerfel and talk to Admiral Wilhelm Burke to start your master quests.